“I am incredibly grateful for After Hour Pediatrics.  The doctors are loving, gentle, kind and super competent.  You leave feeling you have had first-class medical care, and been cared for and loved.”

Shannon, Soccer coach and Dad to four Foster City kids!

“Dr. Connie Kniveton is warm hearted, skillful and has a soothing and affable manner; which was very reassuring for our first visit there.”

Dan, Dad to two children who love to scooter at great speed around San Mateo!

“They really listened to our concerns, and worked quickly, calmly and professionally.  As they started the stitching on my son’s head the nurse suggested I sing to him, which helped me to calm down as well!”

Louise, Mom to two children who like to climb trees in Redwood Shores!

“I knew it was only a sickness bug but my two-year-old seemed to be getting very dehydrated.  It was the weekend, and I was starting to panic.  For the price of a co-pay, I was able to have a qualified pediatrician look at my son, who confirmed that he needed to be treated at a hospital.  The doctor called the nearest hospitals to see which could provide a bed immediately, and when we arrived at the hospital they were expecting us.  The doctor from After Hour Pediatrics called us twice after that to check how he was doing.  By the Monday, our regular pediatrician was in touch and had been fully briefed.  As mothers we often need to trust our instincts, but in these urgent care situations, we need to trust our doctors. I felt like After Hour Pediatrics was by my side the whole time.”

Sue, Mom to a two-year-old who wants to be doctor when he grows up

“My kids always seem to get sick on the weekend when the doctors’ office is closed!  So when my three-year-old was struggling to breathe, we visited After Hour Pediatrics.  The staff was very confident, putting us all at ease immediately.  They soon had him smiling on the nebulizer and lighting his ‘super hero’ thumb up to check his oxygen (which the doctor called his ‘space mask’).  I was impressed with the speedy follow up; our son’s doctor called us the next day. After Hour Pediatrics is a great community resource. We owe them so much!”

Helen, Mom to two mini super heroes!

‘Of course my kids tend to get sick after regular office hours – it’s Murphy’s Law!  That’s why I’m so grateful for After Hour Pediatrics.  When I most recently brought in my four year old daughter the rapid strep-test came back positive, and they administered the first dose of antibiotics in the office.  No late-night trip to the pharmacy needed. What a blessing!  I highly recommend After Hour Pediatrics!’

Dana, Mom to three football fanatics!

“Dr. Connie Kniveton and her staff of doctors are excellent in their field.  We love the service they provide and use them every time we need emergency care and have never been disappointed with the help.  They are an asset to our community and we are so grateful for them.”

Esther, Mom to four active children!

“When we took my son to After Hour Pediatrics for an ear infection, we were surprised to find his pediatrician working there!  It assured me that they rely on local, experienced doctors to work regular evening and weekend shifts.  My son was treated quickly and the staff was attentive to his needs (searching for bunnies in his ears which made him smile).  We would certainly rush back there if we needed to!”

Pranita, Mom to two and pre-school teacher to 12 very busy children!

“When my children were younger, it never failed that they would be injured (usually during some sporting event) or get sick in the evening or on the weekend when their regular doctor’s office was closed.  It was so reassuring to know that we could go to After Hour Pediatrics and get the same great quality of care.  My children were able to get the medicine and treatment they needed and I was saved from countless hours of worrying.”

Melissa, Mom to two grown 20-something children!