after-hour-pediatricsWe can help if your child is experiencing :

  • Non-life threatening emergencies
  • Sprains, strains or broken bones
  • Deep cuts, lacerations or burns
  • Allergies, rashes and infections
  • Fevers, flu, cold, strep throat, vomiting, diarrhea, croup, or coughs
  • Basic eye and ear care
  • Human, dog or cat bites
  • Asthma or wheezing

We can help if your child needs:

  • X-rays (we work with Mills Peninsula Hospital directly across the street which is open until 9pm)
  • Lab services
  • Vaccinations and boosters
  • Prolonged asthma therapy, nebulizer treatments, epinephrine injections
  • On-site tetanus shots, urinalysis, and rapid tests for flu, strep, mono and RSV
  • On-call hospitalists for direct admits, bypassing the ER, for hospitalization
  • Sports and Camp Physical exams and testing (Urinalysis, Hemoglobin, Vision, Tuberculosis Skin Test, Tdap Vaccine)
  • We can help if you need:

    • Evaluation of newborn conditions such as colic, jaundice, and feeding concerns
    • Doctor-to-doctor consultations with pediatric specialists and your child’s pediatric group

    We accept most major health insurances and will manage the entire process with your insurance company.  For more information click here.

    For more information on specific health related issues, visit our Here to Help section.

    We will follow up with your child’s doctor, sending them information about your visit. If your child needs hospitalization or further emergency care, we will work with their doctor to arrange care at one of our local hospitals.

    Mills-Peninsula Health Services
    Stanford Children’s Health
    California Pacific Medical Center
    University of California San Francisco