It is no wonder that over 30 local pediatricians regularly refer children to us. In addition to our high standards of medical provision, we work with caring hearts. We select staff that love to help children and can understand parents’ fatigue as they walk through the doors. Two-thirds of those we see are children we have seen before, which reassuringly tells us that people value our services!

Our medical assistants and providers have hands that heal, ears that listen, voices that are gentle, eyes that are loving and hearts that are warm.  We know that your child is likely to connect more to our non-verbal actions than what we say to them. We know not to frown as we examine them, and if we whisper gently, they will listen carefully, and this can be reassuring for them.  We know that making them laugh is the best medicine!

Often your children bring their siblings with them – and our family-friendly waiting area includes clean toys and books to entertain them.

Our compassionate, empathetic and respectful team knows your child is precious to you, and understands how challenging it can be to see them in pain. We don’t ever want you to avoid bringing your child to us because of financial pressures, so please talk to us.

Sometimes children have needs that medicine can’t help.  Feel free to share the challenges you face.  We can listen to you, talk with you, or pray with you if you want us to. We want to help.

Let our testimonies speak for themselves.