lunchIt’s so easy to pick up packaged school lunches from the grocery store, but not only are they usually unhealthy, but they’re also not great for the environment.
Here are some great ways to prepare healthy and environmentally friendly school lunches for your kids:
1. Switch from using a paper lunch bag to a lunch box
Instead, use a stainless steel lunchbox or a reusable cloth bag to send with your child.
2. Store food in reusable containers
Instead of using plastic baggies for food storage, use glass containers (if they are allowed at your child’s school) or BPA free plastic containers.
3. Buy food in bulk
Skip the single serving packaged foods. Instead, buy foods like carrots in bulk and portion them out weekly.
4. Pack cloth napkins and reusable silverware
Swap out plastic forks and spoons with reusable silverware that can be washed in between lunches, and pack a cloth napkin that can be reused. Tip: To keep napkins looking clean, buy white cloth napkins to be washed with fabric safe bleach.
Do you have any waste-free lunch tips? Please share them in the comments below!